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The Word of Knowledge in Action

Art Thomas' book, The Word of Knowledge in Action, speaks of a lifestyle that is both practical and powerful—and ultimately available to every believer. He shares wonderful personal stories and insights that help to create great hunger in readers. These stories connect readers with their own ability to hear and activate them to walk in this gift in everyday experiences. The Word of Knowledge in Action is a timely book, as God is releasing His Church in a fresh and powerful way of bringing people into an experience with God.

Bill Johnson
Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, CA
Author of When Heaven Invades Earth & Face to Face with God

The Word of Knowledge in Action is a great book. Would that all pastors and their flocks would study it and live its message. Art Thomas is right when he says that if more Christians would seek the Lord for the gift of words of knowledge, and learn to apply them appropriately, that would vivify the Church and make words of knowledge powerful everyday tools for evangelism, for healing and for the enhancement of nearly every other gift of the Holy Spirit.

Thomas imparts much needed wisdom and caution to a Church grown leery by wild and irresponsible applications of many spiritual gifts. Most appealing is that he centers on reception, use and results of words of knowledge in the love and courtesy of our Lord Jesus Christ. I urge readers to purchase the book and let its words concerning words of knowledge seep into every other aspect of Christian living and ministry.

John Loren Sandford
Founder of Elijah House Ministries, Inc.
Author of The Elijah Task, Elijah Among Us,
and Healing the Wounded Spirit

We live in an age when more and more Christians have not only abandoned the essentials of the faith for doctrines of demons, but a time when supposedly spiritual practices and assumptions are increasingly based on experience rather than on the solid revelation of the Word of God. The result is a subtle—or not so subtle—drift that results in shipwreck of the faith, foolishness in ministry and an erosion of creditability for those of us who do not share the foolishness.

Art Thomas’ book is a solid, sane and biblical exposition of the nature of the word of knowledge – a gift much misunderstood and most often interpreted through the filter of experience. The reader can trust what he writes. More significantly, Art has connected with the heart of the Father. I highly recommend this book!

R. Loren Sandford
Senior Pastor of New Song Fellowship in Denver, CO
Author of Purifying the Prophetic,
Understanding Prophetic People,
and The Prophetic Church

There are many books to be found on spiritual gifts—and I’ve read my share—whose emphases tend to gravitate toward the individual distinctions of the gifts and how they are respectively applied. Art Thomas presents an insightful examination of the Word of Knowledge found throughout the Word of God. He responsibly demonstrates the unmistakable interrelationship between this and other spiritual gifts, as well as its companion support of various aspects of ministry including healing, deliverance, intercession, and evangelism.

Art brings a fresh contribution to the conversation on spiritual gifts and their integral function in everyday life. Many captivating stories underscore how the Word of Knowledge is active, even as they complement the Biblical examples found throughout the book. Assimilating its content will compel the reader to pursue the gifts of the Spirit with invigorated enthusiasm.

Quinn Schipper
Founder and President of OIKOS Network Ministries, Inc.
Author of The Language of Forgiveness and Trading Faces

Subjective interpretation of the prophetic has become problematic in the Charismatic church. God's Word is never subjective, but supernaturally objective towards setting captives free. Being the voice of revelation to a world in need of Him is an honor and a responsibility for ambassadors called by His name.

Art Thomas takes us on a journey toward plumb-line truth in the relevant and timely releasing of Father's "Words of Knowledge." There is no greater teacher than experience; and through biblically aligned experience, Art delivers a tremendous work that both teaches and empowers.

Robert Ricciardelli
Founder of Converging Zone Network and
Visionary Advancement Strategies

Christ only did what He saw the Father doing, and confessed that when He stepped outside of what the Father was doing, He was able to do nothing (John 5:19). This is quite a statement coming from God Himself, walking the earth as a man. How did Christ know what the Father was doing, that He may be able to drastically change every situation working contrary to God’s will? He supernaturally functioned in the Word of Knowledge via an intimate relationship with the Father. Without this majestic gift from above, we can be assured that Jesus would have worked far fewer miracles than He did. Surely it is of utmost importance for us to learn how to walk in this reality if Christ, God Himself, could do nothing outside of it.

Art does a wonderful job at explaining this imperative in The Word of Knowledge in Action. Mystical realities that have confused and confounded some in the past are communicated with a simplicity that causes the reader to think, “Wait a second, I can do this!” If you want some fresh revelation that empowers you to live a supernatural lifestyle and walk as Christ walked, consume the words on the pages of this book like a starved man eats bread.

Tyler Johnson
Author of Stories of the Supernatural

Art Thomas is not first of all a writer looking for his niche in the Christian book world. He is the "real deal" with a genuine heart to reach unconvinced people and help the convinced reach them as well. What better way to catch the attention of someone than to "read a piece of there mail" that only Jesus could have known about and cared to reveal!

Art's book is filled with real-life accounts and council that he has practiced and helped many people step into. Art is a personal friend and coworker, but his best friend is Jesus, who he wants everybody to know. Read the book, step into it, and you can do "even greater things" just as Jesus promised.

Dan Vander Velde
Senior Pastor of Fowlerville Freedom Center, A/G
Fowlerville, Michigan

This book, The Word of Knowledge in Action, should cause us as true believers to rekindle our need for the operation of the Spirit. The Spirit of God has many gifts he longs to pour through our personal lives. I feel that Art encourages and prompts us, in our walk with God, to crave the Spirit action of the gifts. To especially function in the Word of Knowledge that has not been given much attention in this generation.

As I read the book, I reminisced over the Old and New Testament passages. I was moved by how many times God has worked through the Word of Knowledge throughout history. God has not changed. God desires, more than we could ever imagine, to utilize His people in this day to reveal His knowledge so that He can accomplish His will.

Also the extraordinary personal testimonies that Art shares will stir your heart so that you long to experience God’s Spirit working in your personal world. This Word of Knowledge, as I have individually experienced, is much needed for a world that is lost and disillusioned. People need to recognize that God knows them and He values them. I trust you will read this book and allow the Spirit to make use of your life.

Brooks T. McElhenny
Senior Pastor of Northville Christian, A/G
Northville, Michigan

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